Sunday, February 23, 2020


Looking to Become a Lion?

Being a Yorktown Lion is not only a great way to be an active member of our community- but it’s rewarding! We take pride in giving back, volunteering & putting on great events that better our community!

How to Become a Lion

  • Each Lion needs to be sponsored by a current active Lion.
  • Installation of a new Lion will occur after the perspective member meets the following conditions:
    • Attendance to one meeting 
    • Volunteering at 2 events sponsored by the Yorktown Lions Club

Active Membership

The Yorktown Lions hold two meetings each month for the general members.  Board members have an additional meeting each month. The Lions Club is very active throughout the year and holds a variety of events to support the community and our mission.

Active Members are expected to participation in four meetings/events during the club year to fulfill the obligation of participation.  The calendar year for the Yorktown Lions begins July 1st to June 30th.

An Active member is eligible to seek, if qualified, any office in this club, district or association and the right to vote on all matters requiring a vote of the membership; and such obligation shall include prompt payment of dues, participation in club activities and conduct reflecting a favorable image of this Lions club in the community

Financial Obligation

  • Annual Dues – $110
    • This dues includes district and international dues. Dues are due after installation
    • There is discount for a married couple when each spouse is a Lion
  • At each meeting we hold a 50/50 raffle for $1.00 and a Tail Twister Question for $1.00.
  • There is a monthly dinner meeting with an approximate cost of $25 – $30.

If you are interested in being considered, contact President Jim Poulin at or 914-609-8252!

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